Virat Kohli Net Worth

The following are some details on Virat Kohli’s net worth. He is a professional cricketer and earns millions of dollars from his profession. Virat Kohli’s net worth is not only huge but also diverse. The cricketer owns a mansion worth over Rs 80 crores.

Virat Kohli

He also has an interest in philanthropy and has donated millions to various charities. To add to that, he has several other assets such as an Audi RS5 that is worth about Rs one crore.

Virat Kohli is a Cricketer

It is no secret that Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world. He has been able to cope with the heaviest national responsibilities while suffering from only minor injuries. Kohli follows a strict fitness regime. He prefers a protein-rich sandwich over a burger and devotes most of his time to training and practice. The above-mentioned qualities have helped him in his rise to international fame.

When Kohli was a young right-handed batsman, he developed a distinctive style in gathering runs. His bottom-handed grip was also a crucial factor. He used to rely on his bottom hand while playing offside cover drives and flick shots. This strategy would increase the chances of the opposition catching his ball. Virat’s aggressive style eventually led to a series of world records.

Born on 5 November 1988, Virat Kohli is a right-handed batsman who captains the Indian team. He also plays for the Indian Premier League and for Royal Challengers Bangalore in domestic cricket. Virat is currently ranked no. 3 in the ICC ODI rankings and eighth in the ICC T20 rankings. The India team has viewed him as one of their most valuable players in all formats.

One of the best talents in Indian cricket, Kohli is a fierce and talented batsman. His fierce bottom-hand grip makes him able to smash the ball to any part of the ground. He has carved a niche for himself in Indian cricket as a king of chases. Virat has not scored a century since November 2019.

He is a Philanthropist

The Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is not only a top class cricketer, but he is also a philanthropist. Kohli has pledged support for many noble causes and has endorsed the need for philanthropy in his life. As a philanthropist, he has chosen to focus on the causes that directly affect the youth. He has already endorsed the Virat Kohli Foundation which is a philanthropist.

In addition to being an all-rounder, Virat Kohli is also an avid social media user. In addition to his cricketing career, Kohli is an avid fan of soccer, tennis, sushi, and Ray Bans. He also loves fashion, so you can find him in Burberry suits or Nike shoes. You may also want to follow him on Twitter, where he frequently posts pictures of himself in sunglasses.

In 2006, Kohli was involved in a high-profile relationship. He was romantically linked with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, but the couple split up shortly after. Their marriage took place on 11 January 2021, and was very private. All of the parties involved in the marriage signed Non Disclosure Agreements. However, there are some rumours about Kohli’s relationship with Anushka Sharma. In a recent interview with the Indian Express, she said that she was happy with her husband, and that she was grateful for all of his efforts.

He has a mansion worth Rs 80 crore

Cricket legend Virat Kohli has a luxurious house in Gurugram, Haryana, valued at Rs 80 crore. The home has an extravagant drawing room with glass walls and a well-connected pathway. There is also a quaint bar for his guests to enjoy a cocktail in style. The cricketer and his wife moved to the Gurugram residence in 2015, and the two reportedly started dating soon after.

Apart from this lavish property, Virat Kohli also has several other properties in Mumbai and Delhi. Virat Kohli’s flat in Versova, Mumbai, is valued at Rs 10 crores. He has since moved into another flat in the city. The property is located on the 35th floor of Omkar 1973 Towers. Virat Kohli spends a considerable amount of time in the residence.

Earlier, Virat Kohli lived in a swanky Gurugram bungalow. Before his marriage with Anushka Sharma, he lived in a residential colony in Paschim Vihar. But after he became famous, he decided to move into a luxurious bungalow in Phase 1 of Gurugram. His seven-acre farmhouse in the suburb of Worli is estimated to cost Rs 80 crore, and the two are living in another apartment in the same building.

According to Forbes, the cricketer’s net worth has increased to a whopping $ 26 million in a single year. This makes the cricketer one of the richest men in the world, raking in Rs. 196 crore per year. However, Kohli is not contented with just one mansion. He has a mansion in Mumbai and another in Gurugram, which are worth a combined Rs 80 crore.

He earns a lot of money as a player

Besides his salary, Virat Kohli also has other lucrative sources of income. Apart from his IPL salary, he earns as much as $28 million annually by partnering with major brands for endorsements. He endorses brands like Puma, Audi, Nike, Tissot, and PepsiCo. The cricketer also endorses different brands such as Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, and Kellogg’s.

While playing in the Indian national team, Virat Kohli earns a lot through endorsement deals. In addition to his endorsement deals, he also charges about Rs 2 crore per day to appear in photo shoots and press briefings. Compared to MS Dhoni, Kohli earns as much as $1.5 crore a day. Nevertheless, he is far from the only cricket player who earns a lot of money by endorsement deals.

The Indian cricket team has a Grade A contract with Kohli that states he will be paid $190,000 a year as an advance. Currently, Kohli earns about Rs 7 crore per year. He earned this amount until 2021, when he stepped down from captaincy and took a pay cut of 2%. However, in the same time, Kohli is reportedly charging up to two crores for each ODI match, as he signs three-day contracts.

Apart from cricket, Virat Kohli also makes money through investments. He has recently invested in an insurance startup called Digit. In addition, the cricketer has a great understanding of the business world, and has grown into a successful brand during his career. He has also become a part-owner of two restaurants and a fine dining bar in Delhi. If you’re wondering how he makes his money, here are a few interesting facts that you might find interesting.

He has invested a lot of money

Virat Kohli has a diverse portfolio that combines business interests and passion. He has investments in sports teams, fitness clubs, and fashion brands. His investments include Chisel Gyms. He also has a stake in e-commerce clothing start-up WROGN. The amount Kohli has invested in his first venture is undisclosed. In addition to cricket, Kohli has diversified his interests beyond the sport, including farming at his farmhouse.

As a cricketer, Virat Kohli has invested a large portion of his earnings in several businesses. He owns a fashion label called Wrogn. He is also a partner at Digit Insurance, which has several branches in India. Virat Kohli has also invested in several start-ups, including a health insurance company called Digit. His interest in entrepreneurship has also helped him to grow his net worth and become a brand.

In addition to his Royal Challengers Bangalore contract, Virat Kohli earns millions of dollars from various brand endorsements and advertisements. He earns more than INR 17 crore annually, according to Forbes. Forbes reported that Kohli has invested nearly Rs. 950 crores in various businesses, including restaurants, fashion, and retail. Further, Kohli has spent a significant amount of money on marketing and branding, and charges as much as two crores for a day of appearance.

He has a huge car collection

Former Indian captain Virat Kohli is a renowned cricketer with crores of assets and a massive car collection. His collection is made up of sporty cars, luxury cars and even a Renault Duster, which he was given in 2012 for his outstanding performance during a one-day Cricket series. Obviously, his car collection is as impressive as his personality. But just how many cars does he own?

According to the Indian Cricket team’s official website, Virat Kohli has more than 12 cars in his garage. He prefers Audis over BMWs and has shared pictures of his cars with fans. While the cricketer has a vast car collection, the car he drives is mostly an Audi. The automobile cost Rs. 1.1 Crore and is the first Audi RS5 in India. Virat Kohli’s car collection is certainly quite enticing!

After his marriage to Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli decided to upgrade his lifestyle by buying an extravagant property. He also bought a Bentley Flying Spur, which is priced at between Rs 3.74 Crore and Rs. 3.97 crore. Apparently, the cricketer has an ongoing partnership with Audi India and is an owner of several different Audi cars. The car collection is definitely a testament to his success.