How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress (Quite a Simple Way)

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

A duplicate page or post in WordPress site is using for many purposes. That can be anything according to your needs, like performing any task on your blog.

But wait, How can we create a duplicate copy of the WordPress page more naturally?

If you are searching for the quickest and reliable method for duplicate a WordPress page or post, then here you are at the right place, and this is the perfect tutorial for you. So, Continue reading and follow the below steps to get your ideal solution for this query.

I am going to put the secure and robust tutorial on “How to duplicate a page or post in WordPress?”. Instead of the open any published post of your WordPress site and copy-paste the entire content by Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.

We have two best WordPress plugins that help us to copy the page or post. The first plugin is “Duplicate Page by mndsingh287,” and the second one is “Duplicate Post by Enrico Battocchi.”

Don’t be confused over the name of plugins, both the plugins work perfectly to copy the post and page easily.

So, Get ready to learn this step-by-step guide to executing this on your WordPress blog or site.

Video tutorial of creating a WordPress duplicate page and post.

Before diving into the below in-depth tutorial, I have the video tutorial for you to duplicate a WordPress page. You can watch this video to get a quick idea about how it works.

Here are the steps to create a duplicate copy of page or post in WordPress

Follow these most responsive and easiest ways to duplicate the page or post in WordPress.

  1. Goto to the “Add Plugins” section by clicking on “Plugins>Add New” from your WordPress dashboard.

    Open your admin dashboard of the WordPress site. Then select the “Add New” option to go to the “WordPress Add Plugins” section by moving the cursor on the “Plugins” option on your WordPress dashboard.
    WordPress Add New Plugin

  2. Then, Type “Duplicate Page” in the search bar of the Add Plugins dashboard to get the plugin result.

    Type and search for “Duplicate Page” from the search bar of the Add plugins. Then, Install and activate the WordPress “Duplicate Page” plugin by mndsingh287.
    WordPress duplicate page plugin

  3. Now, Click on the setting after the activating of the “Duplicate Page” plugin.

    After the successful installed and activate the plugin, you will be redirected to the installed plugin section. Just click on the setting on the plugin’s settings for the necessarily required configuration.Duplicate Page Plugin activated

  4. Select your right option from the “Duplicate Page Settings” to duplicate a post or page.

    Choose your current editor, duplicate post status after duplication, and where to redirect to after duplicated the page.Duplicate Page Plugin's Setting

  5. Now, Goto all pages section and choose your desired page for the duplicate.

    Click on the “Duplicate This” to make a duplicate copy as same as the original.Duplicate this Page after click

  6. Similarly, You can follow step 5 for the duplicate the WordPress post also.

    Perform the same method as the above step for duplicating a post, as shown in the below image.Duplicate Post after click

  7. Done! Here are the duplicate copy of our WordPress duplicate page and post.

    Successfully we got the result after performing these simple steps. Look at the below image to see how its looks like after duplication.

    Duplicate copy of page and post

An alternative plugin to WordPress duplicate page

If you didn’t get your outcome from the above plugin, then here is a different and popular plugin that may work for you correctly.

Duplicate Post by Enrico Battocchi is another WordPress plugin to clone or duplicate the WordPress page. In this plugin, you can customize more with extra options to create the duplicate page.

Duplicate Post Plugin by Enrico Battocchi

Now, Install and activate this plugin on your WordPress site to clone your page or post with the help of this plugin.

Search and install the Duplicate post plugin

Then, click on the “settings” to open the plugin’s setting.

Click on setting after plugin installed

Now, Choose and select the item which you want to copy or create a duplicate.

Duplicate Post Plugin Options

Set permission to allow the user to perform the process of duplicate a page or post.

Permission setting

Display Options, this is the final and essential option for picking the place where you want to show your cloned page or post.

Display Setting

After saving all the settings, Open your post or page list to clone them by just one click.

Clone Post

Voila! Here is your result.

Duplicate Copy of Post
Clone of Post

Do similarly for a clone of the page also.

Click to clone the page

Here is the clone of the page.

Duplicate Copy of Page
Clone of Page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you duplicate a page in WordPress Elementor?

It’s straightforward, you will have to perform the same process as regular pages to create a duplicate copy of the elementor template or page.
WordPress Elimentor Duplicate

How do you duplicate a page in Beaver Builder?

Any type of pages in wordPress could be duplicate with the help of these plugins. So, follow the same steps for the duplicate a page in Beaver Builder also.

I hope you learn this step-by-step guide to duplicate a page in WordPress. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this tutorial, then feel free to comment below or contact me.

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