7 Best 123movies Alternatives to Watch Online Movies and TV Shows

123movies was an illegal website that allowed you to watch free movies online. It was the most visited website in Vietnam until it was shut down in 2015. It had around 98 million monthly visitors worldwide at its peak. The movie streaming service was run by a company called MobiFone, which also owned other websites like Mobifly, Mobifly TV, and MyMobifly.

Almost everyone loves to watch movies, web series, serial and many other contents. But how and where Someone wants to watch for free and someone for paid. Many sources are available on the internet to watch movies and other kinds of entertainment-related videos free of cost.

Did you know? Not any content like movies, web series, TV shows, etc is free. Because every movie, TV shows, and web series serials have a copyright license, and no one can outsource it freely without any permission of them. This is the reason behind all online free movie sites got banned and shut down after some time.

If we talk about the 123movies sites, then every time it got banned and complaint registered on them to shut down immediately. Approx 8-10 domain name changed for this site, but only for a short period of time.

Working & Similar Sites like 123movies to Watch Movies Online

123movies similar sites

Many of the sites are similar to 123 movies that have been seen offline, but some sites are still active and available on the internet with different patterns of domain names.

Take a look at the list of working 123movies proxy and similar sites that have the same features and services as the original site.

  • ww.123movies.la
  • wwv.123-movies.com
  • 123movies.cat
  • ww1.123-movies.club
  • 123moviess.cc
  • onlinefree.live
  • 123moviestvonline.com
  • c123movies.org
  • 123movieshub.one
  • 123movieslife.net
  • movies123.live
  • www.123movies.design
  • ww.to123movies.com
  • 123moviesonline.cc
  • ww2.123-movies.com
  • solarmoviesonline.net
  • 123movieshub.it
  • 123moviesgot.com
  • 123movies.domains
  • is123moviesfree.com
  • 123movieshub.info
  • 123movieshd.be
  • ww4.123-movies.com
  • ww4.123-movies.com
  • ww7.123moviesfree.sc

Some sites are active which providing the watch free movie online but keep in mind these sites are not for permanently. They can be banned anytime, so please check this article later for the latest updates related to the same. I will change it frequently when getting any update related to this domain name site.

7 Best Alternatives of 123movies to Watch Online TV Shows and Movies

There are so many sites which offer a service like this, but I am covering only seven of them. All listed sites are very popular and the latest on-demand online streaming content providers. Some of them are absolutely free of cost and some are subscription-based.

Take a look at the best alternative sites of 123movis to watch TV shows, web series, movies, and other online shows.

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming media platforms for movies, TV shows, web series, and more video content. You have the best option if you able and want to spend some money.

So many popular shows on Netflix like “The Witcher, Breaking Bad, Maniac, Schitt’s Creek, The Great British Baking Show, I Am Not Okay With This, Altered Carbon, Love is Blind, Messiah and more. You can browse here all types of genres according to your mood and interest.

All of the web series on this platform is very popular and loved by many people. It does not matter, where they come from. Netflix has a separate directory for each and every region of people around the world.

This is another point could be for the most known and famous online streaming platform in the world. If someone gets the subscription of Netflix for one time.

Then most probably they will want to renew it again, because of the addiction. So, the addiction is very bad for everybody, if anyone really addicted to it.

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2. Hulu


Hulu is basically known for the video-on-demand service on a subscription base. It has the features to stream live TV to watch movies, News, sports, and kids channel as well. Apart from this it also offers a streaming service to watch the TV shows, originals, seasons and more.

Some main and popular channels owned by the Hulu to provide the streaming services are Disney+, HBO, ESPN+, Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime, and many others.

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3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is another online media company by Amazon which provides the service by paid only. If you get their prime subscription plan, then you will get their all benefits without any hassle.

It gives the feature of the watch from anywhere on your phone, tablet, Personal Computer, and Television. It is a very good portable streaming media service provider to access it from anywhere, according to our safe zone.

You may download or save your liked or favorite shows or videos on your devices to watch it later. Along with this, you will get many more exciting things to get entertained, like the focus advantage of it is you may use it with a fire stick.

So it could be a great choice for you if you love to get to entertain your family.

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4. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another website that offers a free streaming service. It has the collection of the latest arrival movies in various genres to watch free. Online TV shows and viral videos are also available on the Popcornflix to stream online for free.

Generally, the Popcornflix launched in March 2011 and the headquarter of this website is in New York City. It has multiple types of categories for movies, TV series, new arrivals, most popular on Popcornflix. So it can satisfy your demand with shows and movies with the collection of if we can say it directly.

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5. Crackle


Crackle is also the US-based online streaming media platform to watch movies online, free TV shows, free Hollywood uncut movies. It has genres like Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, and Comedy to watch movies free.

Crackle’s service is available in 21 countries worldwide on various types of connected devices including mobiles, desktop, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles devices.

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6. Tubi


California, San Francisco based Tubi is a streaming media service provider platform, founded in April 2015 by the Farhad Massoudi Thomas Ahn Hicks. Tubi is also free streaming and ad-supported service resource website.

Tubi is available on iOS, Android, web, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, Xfinity X1, Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Smart TVs, and the PlayStation for free.

This is a portable resource for you to watch online anything on any type of available digital media device.

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7. Yidio


San Francisco based Yidio has a great feature for the viewer to stream online content at a single interface. Actually, Yidio solves the problem of having multiple streaming providers subscriptions, resources, and connections for different content.

Yidio combines the streaming video from all major popular providers such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, iTunes, Showtime, Crunchyroll, and over a hundred other providers. So, this is really amazing and unique feature offers by the Yidio for us to watch online our favorite shows and movies.

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History of 123movies or 123 movies

123movies or 123 movies

When we come to know about the evolutionary history of the site 123movies, then it could be very interesting for us. The original URL of this site was 123movies.to. After the original site got penalized and shutdown, the domain name changed as 123movies.is with the same data of the original URL. When both the URL’s domain had been shut down, then the site was redirected to gomovies.to and later gomovies.is.

Apart from this, After both gomovies URL’s site got penalized, it was changed to the gostream.is, and then moved to memovies.to with the entire collection of data. At last, it was seen with the domain name like 123movieshub.to and 123movieshub.is. But, sadness thing was 123movieshub also got banned and shut down.

As you can look at the below image from the site’s team last time. This is a notice of the 123movies before shutting down the site.

123movies shutdown notice

For the general information, I wanna tell you “Present time 123movies site is offline, but still many sites on the internet which are the same copied of content like this”.

Is it illegal to use 123movies?

123movies is not an individual site that provides to stream and watches free online movies, TV shows, and many other things illegally. Every country has its own rule related to pirated movies or any commercial TV shows. Sites like 123 movies or any type of site on the internet have not any authority and license to publish any type of copyrighted content on their website. If the original owner registers the copyright complaint about their original (licensed) content, then the site will be taken down and banned.

But the main point to think about is, is it legal or not? So, What! My straight answer is your decision in your hand. Because using the site like this is not stay for a long time, one day will be shut down legally. So, be safe and secure while using it your own personal computer, smartphone, tablets or any media devices. Because this type of site has not any authenticity and privacy for the visitors. So, keep this in your mind before using it.

You may use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software for your personal device to staying safer and secured from any type of glitch.

Did 123movies get shut down?

Big YES, the original site has been shut down. But not completely, many other sites are still available on the internet with the same user interface and the same type of features and contents. Many sites are coming and going offline but currently active and working websites are listed in the above section.

Will 123movies give me a virus?

No, but the main thing that we should have to care about is, these types of sites are using unreliable and insecure ads network. The ads are shown on your device through this site may be harmful, if you click on them and do an action for any type of campaign.

The safe and most reliable technique to watch movies and TV shows online free is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Yes, you can use a trusted VPN to stay secure and safer from any type of problem.

What is the new website name for 123movies?

Generally, as earlier identified that 123movieshub, MeMovies, GoMovies, and GoStream was the new name of the site and the original site redirected to all these ones, but after getting caught all these names of sites, no more new sites name are still identified.

Where can I watch movies online for free?

You have so many options to watch movies online for free and paid as well. Some best and most popular source to watch it online is Hulu, Netflix, Popcornflix, and many others. Also, follow this Movierulz best alternative if you want to know about this site for online streaming.

Disclaimer: BlogsNode does not support any type of piracy content from this site. The above information is only for knowledge purposes. I requested all my visitors on this site, please do not stream or watch from any piracy and illegal sites on the internet. Because any movies or shows invest their huge amount of money to make it, and at last if it will be pirated with many copies free of cost, then it could be a big loss to the investor. You have many options to watch movies, TV shows online instead of 123movies.